Why You Need to Insist on the Right Type of 'Clean' for Your Work Environment

Humans are always motivated — or alarmed — by different smells in their immediate environment. The brain is hardwired to react to certain fragrances; the smell of burning will promote fear; the smell of lavender will produce a calming effect. Do certain smells in the modern era convince people that something is inherently clean? Should you be focusing on this outcome when thinking about your business environment, or do you have to consider other repercussions?

Don't Be Fooled

Some manufacturers used to create cleaning products that were designed to mimic particular fragrances to deliver a calming or satisfied feeling. These products worked on the basis that your nose is going to tell you whether your immediate environment is safe or not. Thus, for the longest time, when you walked into a toilet or bathroom you would immediately conclude whether or not it was inherently clean. Manufacturers were able to sell a lot of product this way, regardless of its basic efficiency.

Don't Compromise

In the modern era, however, this kind of subterfuge doesn't work. Certainly, you want your business environment to be a pleasant place to visit or work, but you're not going to be governed simply by the way that it smells. You want to be sure that the place is as clean as possible and specify that your cleaning company uses the most appropriate product. Certain cleaning products may be efficient at what they are designed to do, but they may have additional chemicals added, simply so that they can produce the 'right' type of smell. The unfortunate byproduct of this situation is that volatile organic compounds may be released from these additional chemicals, causing irritation when people breathe them in.

The Natural Way

Many cleaning companies realise this and only choose products that are scented (if at all) by using ingredients such as essential oils. These pure products can give off a very satisfying aroma without causing any negative effects. They can in fact enhance the overall health of the visitors and staff, while at the same time creating a positive impact on their feelings, thoughts and well-being.

Taking the Right Action

So while insisting on a work environment that is completely clear of germs, residue or dirt, confirm with your cleaning company that they use products with a 'natural' aroma. In this way, you will tick all the right boxes, operate a pleasant and safe environment and satisfy everyone who comes into contact with your operation. Talk with commercial cleaning services in your area to learn more about cleaning products and chemicals used in your space.

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