Important Elements that Your Building Inspection Will Indicate

Putting up a commercial building is a tedious and involving process. From the onset of the project, you must find the right contractor and workers with the best qualifications and experience to deliver your project. However, even the best contractor in town is not a guarantee that your building will be set up to standard. You need building reports prepared after a thorough inspection of the conditions in your building. For a first-timer, you barely know what to expect in your building report, so you cannot tell if the inspection team has done a good job. Thankfully, this discussion outlines some of the things you can anticipate:

Areas to Inspect

The first thing in the building report should be the areas of focus for the inspection team. This will prepare you on what to expect besides making the report readable and easy to understand. It should state whether the inspection report is limited to an assessment of the interior and immediate exterior section of a unit in the building or the building as a whole. To add on that, the report will also mention if the building was in a conducive state for inspection. Ideally, the premises should be vacant without any goods and furnishing stored inside. This will make it easy for the inspection team to traverse through the building.


The weather on the material day of inspection is something you probably don't expect but should be included. It shows if the building is fit for tenant occupancy depending on the prevailing weather condition. For instance, if the inspection was done on a sunny day, are the interior thermal conditions suitable for the occupants? If there is rain in the area, then such weather is ideal for ascertaining whether the building has any major leaks.

Defect Assessment

This is probably the most important part of the report considering that it touches on the wellbeing of your wellbeing for years to come. The report must indicate any evidence of a significant impairment in the integrity and strength of the structure or a part of it. A good example of such impairment or impending impairment includes:

    Termite build-up or damage on the walls and roof of the building

    Large cracks running on the walls or floors

    Sinking interior and exterior walls indicating problems with the foundation

To add on that the report should also show if there are any conditions likely to trigger structural damage in the future.  

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